What Is Squalane Oil? Plus, Skin, Hair & Nails Benefits

Thanks to the clean beauty revolution, incorporating natural oils and serums into our beauty regimen has gone mainstream. We used to think that oil was the culprit to our skin issues causing congestion and inflammation, among other skin woes. But now, powerful oil and serum ingredients are being introduced into the beauty world with proven […]

Diamonds Are Your New Best Friend – Reader Offer

Treat yourself to the gift of smoother, younger skin this Christmas – and save £70 too! – with the luxurious, precious gem-infused Jewel Resurfacing Creme. It’s not only diamonds that will help you look fresh as a daisy but garnets too, when you treat yourself to Jewel Resurfacing Creme. This luxury exfoliation treatment helps reduce blemishes, […]

L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Matte and La Lacque Lip Pens

  Starting from the top, that’s L’Oreal Le Matte Lip Pencil in 100 Matte For Me, 102 She’s So Matte, 104 Game Set & Matte, 106 Mad for Matte and 198 Matter-R of Fact; and La Lacque in 201 Lacque-y Charm, 203 Lacquerizied, 205 Lacque and Roll, 207 Lacque-y You and 209 Choco-Lacque Oh! Nice […]

4 Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid During Summer (and Why)

Longer days means longer time spent outdoors. And while this sounds like a treat for our social calendar, not so much for our skin, according to dermatologists. Because our skin is more sensitive and susceptible to damage during the hottest months of the year, it’s important to adjust our beauty regimens accordingly. And we don’t just mean […]

Restocking Old MAC Faves

  From the left: MAC Paint Pot in Layin’ Low, Paint Pot in Camel Coat, Eye Shadow in Trax, Paint Pot in Perky and Paint Pot in Constructivist Doesn’t it seem like the MAC Paint Pots dry out in bunches? Or does it just seem that way to me? There I’ll be, doopdadoo, going about […]


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