Gucci celebrates Year of the Rat with a collection inspired by a mouse

Chinese New Year is just a few weeks away, and those who are celebrating with be prepping for the big day.

A number of brands have already released fashion and beauty collections ahead of the festival, which lasts five days.

Traditionally, a red envelope is given as a gift at this time of year, with money inside to signify wealth throughout the year.

However, as time has moved on, it’s also commonplace to give various different presents instead of or as well as. For example, clothes or luxury beauty items.

That’s why companies like Fenty and Tarte have made beautiful collections featuring the stunning red colour associated with Chinese New Year.

Another brand who’ve released a Chinese New Year collection are Gucci, but they’ve steered away from the customary scarlet hue.

Instead, they’ve opted for a Chinese zodiac inspired range (sort of).

The upcoming year with be the year of the rat, but instead of thinking of famous rats such as Remy from Ratatouille or Mr Ratburn, the iconic teacher from Arthur, they’ve gone for a mouse as their face of CNY.

The fashion house claim on their website that the Cruise 2020 collection is ‘honoring the Chinese year of the Mouse’. All well and good, but it is actually the year of the rat.

It may have simply been lost in translation, as the Chinese word 鼠 can refer to a rat or a mouse, even though the rat is commonly accepted as the Zodiac sign.

Essentially, you can make it make sense, but the link is tenuous for Mickey, and we want justice for the likes of Splinter from TMNT.

Gucci Disney

Mickey looks annoyed – you must be late (Picture: Gucci)

The standout moment of the collection is said to be the GG canvas print featuring tiny Mickey Mice (Mouses). This can be found on a range of accessories from the brand.

‘This print has been introduced in reference to a House fabric from the ‘80s, and the original design, colour and look has been reproduced with high-definition digital printing,’ Gucci says.

Everything from hoodies to hats are included in the range, which was designed by Alessandro Michele, who has brought the fashion house to a new era of bright eclecticism (and growing profits) since starting as Creative Director in 2015.

Gucci Disney Mickey Mouse shirt

The silk shirts feature small drawings of Mickey (Picture: Gucci)

The campaign for the CNY collection, shot by Harmony Korine at Disneyland in California, features Nick Cave and Susie Bick’s son Earl Cave, Chinese actress Ni Ni, and American socialite and model Zoë Bleu Sidel.

One ward of warning for those who are planning on gifting for Chinese New Year and wish to get some of the Gucci goods: Giving shoes as presents can sometimes be seen as ‘giving over of evil’, as the Chinese symbols for shoe and evil are remarkably similar.

So, while the GG Disney x Gucci Princetown slipper is a wonderful idea, it might not be worth sending bad omens to your friends and family for the sake of fashion.