Louis Vuitton is set to sell a £682 pencil case roll so you can feel fancy when you draw

In today’s list of things you probably can’t afford comes the Louis Vuitton pencil case roll.

The French fashion house is set to offer the stationary for a jaw-dropping $900 (£682), rumoured to be released at the end of April.

We know what you’re thinking; who could possibly afford to splurge out this much on a bit of stationery? But we all know the answer; rich people and those looking to stunt.

We can’t blame them because the luxury design looks like a work of art.

The pencil case set, presented as a roll-up, comes in the signature Louis Vuitton brown leather motif and has 40 wooden pencils slotted inside, with a metal hardware fastening.

On the exterior are hand-painted circles showcasing all the colours inside, acting as a guide to where each pencil should be placed after use.

If you’re going for the tortured, starving artist look though, this one is probably not for you.

The luxurious design was revealed on Instagram page LVJ12 where other fashion intel is shared. Many a follower of the 31,000-strong account commented on the image of the case, captioning it ‘need’.

So the interest in the high-end stationery is strong.

‘I don’t know why I need this, but I do. Maybe just to be a badass and roll out all my coloured pencils at my next play date?’ wrote one. ‘Imagine taking out all the pencils and replacing them with makeup brushes,’ suggested another.

One person theorised that the cost of manufacture was pretty low: ‘I bet they just had some spare leather left over from making some new bags and didn’t want to waste it by chucking it out so they made this shit for YouTubers to make videos about.’

And of course, there were jokes about what other properties the case comes with: ‘These better have a button that auto-draws a $900 drawing and auto-hangs it in an art museum.’

If you’re in dire need of a pencil case roll but don’t have big bucks to splash (same) then, of course, there are cheaper alternatives online, such as on Etsy.

Happy colouring.