PrettyLittleThing is getting praised for showing clothes on different sized models

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that online shopping can be an absolute nightmare.

What looks good on a model will often look completely different on you – not just thanks to creative styling and Photoshop, but because we usually only get to see clothes on one specific body type: slim.

PrettyLittleThing is finally answering our calls to give us a better depiction of what clothes will actually look like on different bodies.

For the retailer’s collection with Hailey Baldwin, PrettyLittleThing’s product pages show two models wearing the same item of clothing. One model is standard size, while the other is plus-size.

And people are big fans of the move.


Some have noted that more could be done to give a better representation of clothing on all body types.

Brands could show items worn by all different sizes, rather than just on standard model size and plus-size (in-between types would like to know how their dress might look off the hanger, too).

Customers are asking for brands to show clothing worn by models of different skin tones, too.

But the decision is a start, and we applaud PrettyLittleThing for doing something outside the norm.

The more diversity in the fashion retail space, the better. More, please.